Frequently Asked Questions

Are singles allowed?
Sure, we have parties for couples and singles, on occasion we have 'Couples Only' parties, and every once in a while we'll have 'singles' parties. Couples are allowed to our singles parties, but single men are not allowed to any of our couples only parties, and single women are welcome at ALL of our parties.
Do you have any suggestions for new couples?
Yes, actually I do - First of all, being into this lifestyle will take a solid relationship and make it even more so, but it will take a struggling relationship and most likely flush it right down the toilet. Don't come here to try to 'save' your relationship. If you're just looking for some added flavor in your lives, then come check us out, meet some new friends, and explore the possibilities. For most couples, being in this lifestyle, brings them even closer, but you have to be solid to begin with. Jealously is a natural emotion that stems from insecurities, don't come here drooling over somebody else and making a big deal how hot this other person is if you haven't FIRST, made sure your partner KNOWS that they are the MOST important.
Do we have to play?
Of course not! - You're never expected to do anything that you're not comfortable with, ever! In fact, many people come just to be social and MOST of our parties, that's okay. We do have some parties, or workshops that are more intense than others, and for those, we ask for only those who are willing to participate and those that aren't to stay home. Specifically those parties are the Multiple Hands on Massage parties and the occasional gang bang or other 'more intense' parties.
Without your donations there wouldn't be any parties. To have a party there are more cost than what meets the eye. Not every party has everything on the list of expenses, but overall the Cost include lifestyle website membership fees, website design, hosting and maintenance, cups, napkins, paper plates, toilet paper, paper towels, pool towels, linens, laundry charges, and average of 250kwh extra electricity, water, bottled water, mixers, food, massage oils, lotions, candles, kleenix, massage tables, cell phone charges, security personal, DJ's, light's and equipment, patio heaters, propane, chlorine, a lot of ice and more.
How much is it?
It depends on the event. The suggested donation is $60 to $75 for couples and $100 for single men. For the afternoon sunbathing and swimming we suggest only $25/couple or $40/single men. And of course, we'll always accept more from those who are able and like to support the cause.
Do we have to donate?
No you don't have to donate, but again, without your donation we couldn't have these parties. If you don't want to donate, please don't come.
Who do we give our donation to?
There is usually somebody at the 'door' or entry for all of our events, if there is not, please look for Tanya and donate directly with her.
Why are single men expected to donate more?
We ask single men to donate more to keep the ratio balanced for a better party. And we want to encourage as many single women as we can to come to our parties, we do this by not asking them for a donation at all.
Do you have lockers?
We don't actually have lockers, so leave expensive stuff at home.
What to bring
We have a kitchen, obviously, but we're not a restaurant and people get hungry. Our snack buffet consists of whatever people bring, it's not mandatory, but appreciated if you bring a dish to share, "finger foods" are probably the best choices. We also suggest that you bring condoms, and lube, just in case. (Better to have them and not need them, than to need them and not have them). We also have plenty of towels, so no need to worry about that, however, it's not a bad idea to bring your own since it will help cut our laundry load and expense. Remember to BYOB if you so desire. We'll provide mixers, cups, napkins, etc. Of course we also have ice, blenders, and even straws. And lastly any party could never have too much ice, so feel free to bring a SMALL ice-filled cooler with your beverages.
What to Wear
Clothing is Optional! - Wear whatever you are comfortable in. Use your best judgment. "Dress to impress" certainly applies for many of our parties, and of course if there is a theme we'd like you to go with that. However, keep in mind we are clothing optional, especially during the weekend summer afternoon pool days, but at all times, it's perfectly acceptable to wear nothing at all.
Been to one of our parties before?
Everyone should RSVP for each party, as this allows us to estimate the amount of mixers, etc. to have on hand. Just type your e-mail address into the RSVP box on our sign-up page.
New to the party?
If this will be your first adventure to one of our parties, please take a few moments to register: Party Registration.

Be sure to provide a valid email address, as we will send you a confirmation message with party details and directions to the house. Once you've registered for your first party, you can easily RSVP for future parties using the same e-mail address (we're pretty sure that you'll be back for more parties, they're awesome!). Registration also counts as your RSVP for the party, so you're all set once you've registered.
We heard you are closed down?
Well, Yes and no. I lost the house in 2012, and now host parties at other peoples' homes, and/or hotel suites. If you have or know of a good location for a party, please let us know.
Courtesy and Respect
Please remember that this is a private home. Anyone unable to respect our guests, neighbors, and property, will be asked to leave the party.
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