The A List

After 10 years of Adult house parties, I have some stories, and a lot of them.
So, I'm writing a screenplay in hopes that it'll get picked up into a Netflix or Playboy channel original series.

Here's the big news

A company in Hollywood thinks I have a shot and wants me to sign a 12 month 'Life Rights' contract so they can start marketing my story.

I'm super excited.

I need to give this opportunity my 100% attention without having to worry about the bills.

This is where you come in. I'm looking for 30 people to sponsor me with as little as $25/week or $100/month for 12 months.

or if you can do more than that, even better. What's in it for you? It's a shot since it's not guaranteed.

But if (when) it get's picked up, and I sign a contract that actually pays me, I will pay you back DOUBLE what you've invested. That's a 100% return on investment, and in less than 12 months. Plus, you'll get a free party pass every month for the 12 months, that's 12 party passes. I can't promise you the world here, because I don't have it to give, but I can give you my sincerest gratitude as you will be helping me follow a dream. Are you a gambler?, can you contribute more than the $1200 ($1300 if you're going with the $25 week plan)? Talk to me, maybe we could do some sort of percentage instead.

If you have questions, want to sign up, or have a story to contribute, send me an email to