House Rules and Information


Our Mission is to provide a safe, clean, upscale environment for those whose tastes are for anything but the vanilla. A place for like-minded adults to explore who they are or whomever they want to be, without judgment or ridicule. We are open-minded to all kinks, any fetish, and any exotic or dark fantasies.

Consent: By coming to My Secret House, you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and will comply with the rules posted herein, and at the house.

Adults Only: There will be consensual adult activities, which may involve nudity. Do not, however, expect to have intimate or sexual interactions with other guests just because you are here.

This is an adult party, please behave like one.
"NO" means NO!!
Ask before you touch!

Cameras and Camera Phones: Cameras are not allowed on premises. Photos of any kind are NOT ALLOWED without my personal permission.

Smoking: Smoking is allowed in outside areas only.

Trash: Please dispose of your trash, condoms and cigarette butts in specified containers

Noise: Please keep the noise levels down while outside.

House: Please remember this is my private home, and we expect you to respect the property at all times.

PLEASE respect my neighbors.

When you drive down my very quiet street, please drive slowly. We are the last house on the right. Please drive through the gate and park around back so it appears quiet from the street.

Drugs: We have done a lot of research to make sure that we are not doing anything illegal. We'd like to keep it that way ... If you must use drugs, please go elsewhere to do so.

Closed Doors: When a door is closed, please knock and wait for approval before entering.

Furniture: We ask that you please refrain from engaging in sexual activities while on the fabric couches. We understand that sometimes situations get heated and in the moment. Should this happen, please grab a towel to put under you, especially if you tend to squirt during play.

If you have any questions or concerns just ask.

Clothing is Optional! Wear whatever you are comfortable in. Use your best judgement. "Dress to impress" certainly applies for some of our parties, however, it's perfectly acceptable to wear nothing at all. We regularly have daytime nude sunbathing and swimming on weekends during the summer, which is a great way to relax after a long week.

Be Prepared! Bring a dish to share - snacks and "finger foods" are probably the best choices. Remember to BYOB if you so desire. We provide mixers: Water, Coke or Pepsi, 7-up or Sprite, Tomato Juice, etc. Of course we also have ice, blenders, cups and even straws. Any party could never have too much ice, so feel free to bring a SMALL ice-filled cooler with your beverages. Don't forget to bring condoms, we do not provide them.