OMG What a week! I can't wait to go back, It's my new home away from home. Tanya was such a gracious hostess and sexy as hell. She made me feel comfortable from the moment I arrived. The house is beautiful, and the weather was terrific.

Our week at Tanya's Secret House was like no other, it's not your typical Bed and Breakfast. The accomodations weren't overly lavish, but the focus is on fun, friends, and activities. Everyone was open, friendly, and not at all pretensous and just a good time C&D

Don and Anita at this end. Just wanted to let you know we got back into Tucson OK. Your home was so comfortable, and you were so good to us. Being our first experience, it was a fantastic start and I really hope to see you again. Anita was hoping to play more with others (and I would have liked that to), and we both were very pleasently impressed with how comfortable everyone was - like they were all friends already. It is just too bad we had to get back early. As we were leaving everyone started to play... it was hard to go. Anita cannot stay too late for her own reasons, but I know she made some good friends - we both did. I hope starting some play a little early was not bad form and we can be invited back (she just really wanted to experience some of your "specialty furniture" in your playroom!). If I can ever stay late, I'd even volunteer to help you clean the kitchen afterwards. The women were really nice, and incredibly sexy, and I know she was attracted to both them and the men - everyone just had really interesting and personable personalities. It really was a great experience. I guess our only complaint is that you all are not in Tucson!!

Thank you T for a wonderful party last night. Everyone makes you feel welcome. We're looking forward to attending more of your parties in the future! D&D

This Lady is truly beautiful. On a 1 to 10 scale she is 100. Her house is fantastic, as is she! Perfect!!

What a wonderful person!! Outgoing & kind, open, engaging & beautiful. Thanks T, for being fabulous you! G&J

T is the ultimate hostess. She is also a very sexy and personable lady. I have enjoyed a couple of her house parties very much and hope to visit many more. I am looking forward to getting to know her better.

Ms. T is a real gem. She is an incredible lady and an absolute blast to spend time with. Her parties are in a league all their own and the standard by which all others pale in comparison. We hope to get the opportunity to get to know here even better. S&D

A gracious hostess even before we got to the house party! I look forward to many more parties at her house and hubby and I hope to spend some "quality time" with this hot, sexy B&B owner!

Tanya is a very nice person to know and hoping to get to know much better in future. She is real, sexy, and a great hostess.....I had a very nice time at her party at her home, which is HUGE!!! Shy is witty, charming, sexy, beautiful, terrific smile. I do plan on attending more parties planned by her as they will only be getting bigger & bigger as time goes on. Did I mention she is also very sexy. HOTT!!!! I felt so welcomed in her presence. WOW!!!! T, can't wait to see you again. L

I had the pleasure of attending my first House party at Tanya's. She's full of energy and life. A very sexy woman. I had fun times at her house and you should watch for her next get together and get an invitation!! She was a kind, gracious hostess in the face of a crisis (I lost my car keys). Thank you Tanya!! I hope to see her again soon, maybe at her next party.

T is the real deal. She is funny, honest, and a joy to know. I look forward to spending more time with her.

All I can say is wow!!! what awesome party.. SIMPLYT you are one beautiful woman, and a great host,she is sweet have a heart bigger then most, with a sensual aptitude to match, she is real warm and welcoming !! SPANK YOU VERY MUCH SIMPLYT FOR A PHENOMENAL Party I LOOK FORWARD TO THE NEXT ONE.

Whatever you think. Whatever you know. Whatever you think you know about MsT, you won't know for sure until you've experienced just how good she is, and was to me. Okay, okay, so it rhymes and it's cute, but seriously...if you haven't been, you owe it to your libido to go --- now, somebody stop me before I rhyme again ;) And thanks T...for everything. The test-drive was amazing. And the post-party drive even better :) You're a total sweetheart...with or without the whip! ;)

This Lady has a heart of gold and is one of the most thoughtful people that I have ever had the pleasure of sharing a evening with in her home. What a wonderful place she has to spend a evening at. Awesome.

This lady is a class act. When we have attended her parties we have always had a great time and plan on attending more. We feel safe and ... well it is hard to describe ... warm and fuzzy feeling as soon as we enter the gate. We have met some great people at her house that has turned in to good friends and great play partners. This lady and I do say "LADY" has a way of making you feel relaxed and welcome. R&B

Wow, what a great lady and boy does she throw a terrific party! If you haven't been to a party at My Secret House yet, you must go! Make it your New Years Resolution to party with SimplyT and dozens of beautiful sexy people! Thanks T, for many fun, sexy and adventurous nights! Can't wait for more! :) R&K

Ms. T is a rare precious gem. She is an incredibly sexy lady and an absolute blast to spend time with. Besides being a gorgeous redhead (of which we have always been partial) with a wonderful outgoing personality, her parties are in a league all their own and the standard by which all others should be measured. We enjoy our growing relationship with her and look forward to revealing more facets of this very exciting lady. S&D

This Testimonial is long overdue, we've attended Tanya's parties for years now and we're here to tell you, time and time again, there isn't a better party ANYWHERE! No matter the location. J&L