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Bring back the Kink!

My Story I've hosted over 600 swinger's parties because I had the perfect house to do so, however, in 2012 I lost the house because of a bad business decision I made in 2004.
Nevertheless, I've had an idea for a while now to start the party house back up, I just need a house for the plan to work.

Plan Actually I'm interested in starting a membership club with 4 locations throughout the Phoenix area. I am looking for funding to put the plan into action.

More than 18,000 people have attended my parties and now with the membership club plan, I need only 500 of those people to become members. At only $80/month, it'll yield an income of $40k/month, and that doesn't include the single men, nudists, bdsm people, cross dresser's, bi sexual's and the entire clothing optional community since I'll be opening up as a clothing optional bed and breakfast.

Events Each house will have it's own calendar, with open pool days, afternoon and evening parties on weekdays and weekends. Members can go to any event at any location, limited to couples only. However I'll also have weekly events for the single men and the nudists and monthly events for the other fetish's.

Costs It's going to cost the $40k/mo to pay for the locations and ROI for the investors, but after 3 or so years, the investor's should be paid off and we'll start to see a profit.

Motivation:The alternative for me is living in an apartment and working at the post office... every day, day in and day out....


So you can understand why I'm motivated to get this membership club up and running.

Here's where you can help Simply click on the paypal button to make a donation of any amount.

All donations are greatly appreciated

I can be reached at 480.993.9599 (blocked numbers are automatically sent to v/m)


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